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Upload By thomaskoch on Dec 19 2012 14:05 Z

EBS feed made from CC-0 Koppelvlak1 2338991 more info »

Upload By thomaskoch on Oct 09 2012 13:39 Z

EBS Netherlands converted from Koppelvlak1 CC0 2882927 more info »

Upload By on Apr 19 2012 22:37 Z
also pertains to Arriva Connexxion Gemeente Vervoer Bedrijf Amsterdam Veolia Transport Nederland

Dutch Open GTFS transit feed. GTFS was generated by openOV based on the data provided by GOVI. Contains: Amsterdam (GVB, Connexxion, EBS), Noord-Brabant (Arriva), Zeeland (Connexxion, Veolia Transport) 19883310 more info »