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Download the Latest GTFS File ( posted on Oct 02 2011

Upload By Gertvdb on Oct 02 2011 18:01 Z

Somewhat updated scripts.... Better KML file... Still needs work... 124304 more info »

Upload By Gertvdb on Sep 15 2011 21:29 Z

Most routes are now present. Still need quite a bit of work to be fully ready... Should be usable to test a route planner on, although output would not be accurate for commuters yet,,, 113547 more info »

Upload By Gertvdb on Sep 14 2011 20:42 Z

Similar data as previous time, but with a script to generate the data and train trips automatically. (Based on a lot of configuration in the script, as well as some info scraped from the agency site) 91929 more info »

Upload By Gertvdb on Aug 28 2011 21:54 Z

Unofficial Gautrain feed... Now with some shapes... Some points are still in need of TLC... No bus trips added yet... 47717 more info »

Upload By Gertvdb on Aug 24 2011 21:58 Z

Updates with most stops. Script to retreive a large amount of data is started... 25301 more info »

Upload By Gertvdb on Aug 23 2011 20:37 Z

Unofficial Gautrain feed. Train routes should be OK... Platform and bus terminal positions need work. Passes validation with several warnings. Bus routes are listed, but stops are still missing. No shapes included yet. Optional files not yet included renamed to _filename.txt See README for more details. Patches welcome to 6195 more info »